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“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is there that we must construct the defences of peace.” UNESCO Charter
Public and educational outreach are part of the Prajnya mission and the Education for Peace Initiative (EPI) hosts Prajnya’s pedagogically-oriented projects. Its vision is to teach peace by fostering the learning of skills conducive to communication, healing, tolerance, reconciliation and interaction between people with divergent interests and creating capacity for the resolution of conflict and the creation of a sustainable peace.

The Prajnya Zone of Peace Project

Spotlight: Prajnya Teachers for Peace Training

The National Curriculum Framework (2005) says that peace education is "a concern cutting across the curriculum and is the concern of all teachers." Accordingly, schools and teachers are required to integrate peace education across the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. But how?

The Prajnya Teachers for Peace Training builds the capacity to meet this challenge.

    The two-day Training:
  • Introduces peace education and the NCF recommendations;
  • Facilitates an introspective exploration of what teachers bring into the classroom; their communication practices, and values for an inclusive classroom and society.
  • Provides the opportunity to identify and design class plans with peace education principles;
  • Includes a practice and peer mentoring component.
Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the training.

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