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2021 Prajnya 16 Days Campaign Against Gender Violence

2021 Campaign Associate: Niroopini Muralidharan. Email:

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November 24-26, 2021
Sammaan: Understanding Harassment


The Gender Study and Women's Cell, St. Xavier's College, Jaipur is organising a National Workshop, Sammaan: Understanding Harassment. Prajnya has co-conceptualised and is conducting the workshop. The three-day process involves: (1) An interactive lecture on workplace sexual harassment; (2) Active learning through a creative application of the training; (3) The creation and sharing of training and awareness resources as a way of 'paying forward.'

Day 1, November 25, 2021
Gender Violence in India: 2021 Report Launch


11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. IST

We open the 2021 Prajnya 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence with the launch of the 2021 Prajnya Gender Violence in India report. Kausumi Saha, the curator-author of this year's report, will share highlights and trends. Our special guest and commentator is Dr. Rukmini Sen, Dr B. R. Ambedkar University, Delhi.

You can register to attend here.

Day 2, November 26, 2021
Gender Violence Sensitisation for Home Nurses

Prajnya will offer a training on domestic violence and workplace sexual harassment for home nurses and attendants in partnership with the Association for Non-traditional Employment for Women (ANEW).

Day 2, November 26, 2021
The Dowry Act at 60: A Review Panel


3-5 p.m. IST

2021 marks 60 years since the passage of The Dowry Prohibition Act in 1961. In 60 years, we have forgotten its existence and importance, even as the practice of dowry spreads to newer groups and ostentation becomes the norm at weddings. Once more, we find ourselves needing to highlight this custom and its consequences. This review panel features: Akila R (Advocate); Bharati Sharma (Activist, Shakthi Shalini) and Professor Sharada Srinivasan (University of Guelph). The panel will be facilitated by senior journalist, Ammu Joseph.

You can register to attend here.

Day 3, November 27, 2021
It’s Not Okay: A Poetry Reading


11 a.m. to 12 p.m. IST

In partnership with Mockingbirds, we bring you our first online poetry reading. R. Aaliyah Banu, Hima Mouli, Vasanthi Swetha and Aarthi Ashokkumar will read their poems.

You can register to attend here.

Day 4, November 28, 2021
Scripting Presence: A Script-Writing Workshop


10 a.m. to 1 p.m. IST

Theatre is a powerful way to express oneself and communicate social critique. Eminent theatre person and activist Dr. A. Mangai will introduce participants to the basics of writing good scripts. The workshop is limited to 15 participants. We will maintain a waiting list, however, so do sign up if you are interested.

You can register to attend here.

Day 5, November 29, 2021
Friends@Prajnya: Twitter Takeover


4-6 p.m. IST

Women's rights include reproductive rights--the choice to bear children or not, to prevent pregnancy or not. @Archytypes takes over our Twitter account @prajnya to talk about contraceptive violence.

Do follow, engage and share. Our Twitter handle is: @prajnya.

Day 6, November 30, 2021
நீதி வெகு தொலைவா?


This consultation, in partnership with the Tamilnadu Labourers' Rights Federation and Gramavaani, involves a sharing of their recent research on public awareness of Local Committees.

This is a closed activity. To learn more about our work relating to prevention of workplace sexual harassment and legal compliance, see this page or contact us at

Day 7, December 1, 2021
உன் பாட்டு என் வார்த்தை || Your song, my words


The catchiest songs, from any film industry, seem to have the most misogynistic words. Inspired by the Akshara Centre's Gaana Rewrite, Prajnya is inviting rewritten lyrics for hit Tamil songs with sexist and violent lyrics. Entries must be sent via this form if you want to write in Tamil script and this form if you want to write the Tamil lyrics in English script. Entries will be posted on our blog through the day on December 1.

Day 7, December 1, 2021
The Challenges of Gender Violence Research: A Panel


3-4:30 p.m. IST

Data on gender violence, both qualitative and quantitative, are still hard to come by. This is because such data is hard to collect; that is to say, research on sexual and gender-based violence is a challenging undertaking. A panel of experienced researchers and practitioners from fields as diverse as anthropology, geography, law and politics discuss those challenges.
Panelists: Philippa Williams (Queen Mary University of London); Shazia Choudhry (Oxford University); Preeti Karmarkar (Nari Samata Manch); Girija Godbole (IIT Mumbai); Ruchira Goswami (National University of Juridical Sciences); Nandini Ghosh (Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata); Supurna Banerjee (Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata).

You can register to attend here.

Day 8, December 2, 2021
Making Public Spaces LGBTIQ+ Inclusive: A Roundtable


This roundtable brings together members of the LGBTIQ+ community, policy-makers and practitioners specialising in urban planning for a serious discussion on how community members experience public spaces and what is needed so that public spaces feel safe and inclusive. This session is closed.

Day 9, December 3, 2021
Safe Workplaces: A Status of Compliance Survey Report launch


2-3 p.m.

Prajnya has surveyed Chennai companies in the IT/ ITES sector to understand the extent of their compliance with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, and the challenges they face. We will be sharing the findings of this report. This programme is by invitation only, and is closed.

Day 9, December 3, 2021
International Day for People with Disabilities

Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, Bhubaneswar will be releasing a set of awareness posters about disability and gender violence on the overlapping occasions of International day for People with Disablities and the 16 Day Campaign against Gender Violence. These will be shared on our various social media handles.

Day 10, December 4, 2021
அனுதினமும் பாலினவாதம் || Everyday Sexism: Instagram Live



We experience sexism countless times and rarely stop to talk about it. This is an invitation to all of you to share your stories on your Instagram feed, and to tag us @prajnyatrust, when you do!
Remember to use the hashtags #everydaysexism, #breakthesilence and #prajnya16days in your English posts and #அனுதினமும்பாலினவாதம், #தயங்காதுபேசுவோம் and #பிரக்ஞா1நாட்கள் in your Tamil posts. .

Most important, don't forget to join us Live on Instagram @prajnyatrust at 7 p.m. IST where Niroopini and Maryam will talk about your posts, that is, your experiences of everyday sexism!

Day 10, December 4, 2021
Friends@Prajnya: Twitter Takeover


5-8 p.m. IST

@NadjaNadika takes over our Twitter account. Join her on Spaces to discuss critiques of feminism that excludes and to reimagine solidarity.

Do follow, engage and share. Our Twitter handle is: @prajnya.

Day 11, December 5, 2021

The Body Freedom Workshop: Dance Movement Therapy


11 a.m.—1 p.m. IST

Kolkata Sanved offers a two-hour workshop involving reflection, movement and exploration. Don't miss this dance movement therapy workshop which is capped at 15 participants.

You can register to attend here.

Day 11, December 5, 2021

Community Cafes on "Love, Marriage and Relationships"

Through the afternoon at multiple locations. IST

Community Cafes are Prajnya's most important outreach format. On this Sunday afternoon, Team Prajnya's younger members will host and lead Community Cafes at their locations across India--from Chennai to Srinagar! By design, these are closed conversations between people already familiar and comfortable with each other. If you would like us to host one in your housing society, club or for your friends, do get in touch with us.

Day 12, December 6, 2021
Does Marriage Mean Consent? A Panel


3-5 p.m. IST

Marital rape is not a criminal act in India and the argument is made that that would be against Indian culture. This panel examines the problem of marital rape, the law and lived realities. Panelists: Jhuma Sen, lawyer and Audrey D'Mello, Majlis. Facilitator: Madhu Bhushan

You can register to attend here.

Day 13, December 7, 2021
Reporting gender violence against persons with disabilities: Media Training


3-4:30 p.m. IST

The Network of Women in Media in India, Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre and Prajnya have invited Dr. Aiswarya Rao to conduct a short training on how to report gender-based violence against people with disabilities. What is appropriate language; what questions should be asked, and which ones avoided; and legal frameworks. The workshop is primarily meant for journalists.

You can register to attend here.

Day 14, December 8, 2021
குழந்தை திருமணம்: கலந்துரையாடல்


At this closed consultation, social sector organisations in Tamil Nadu will meet to compare notes on the rising levels of child marriage and forced marriage in the state. We are also conducting a preparatory survey and will publish the survey results as well as the consultation report in early 2022.

Day 15, December 9, 2021
Dignity at Work: Video Launch


What is workplace sexual harassment and what are workplace rights? We release a set of short videos made for distribution on the phone with the view of creating awareness about workplace rights among informal sector workers. The videos will be shared on WhatsApp with our network and also be made available on our YouTube channel.

Day 16, December 10, 2021
Regional Perspectives on Honour, Violence and Women's Rights: A Panel


3-5 p.m.

Murders in the name of family or community honour occur across South Asia. We close with a panel that brings together experiences, perspectives and struggles across the region. The session is closed but video will selectively be shared later on our YouTube channel. Panelists: Vincent Kathir, Jagmati Sangwan, Benazir Jatoi and Shalini Umachandran. Facilitator: Kiran Moghe.

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